10 reasons why you should quit your job tomorrow and travel the world

  1. Because when you’re married with 2 children and a mortgage, it’ll be a lot harder to leave.
  2. “Traveling makes one modest- you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” Call it cliche, but its true. There’s nothing more humbling than seeing how much exists outside of the bubble you live in.
  3. Its a chance to start fresh. When you travel, you are constantly meeting new people that know nothing about you. Nobody knows what you did last summer, (lol, pun).
  4. You feel free. And I don’t mean just mentally free. You are physically free from all of your possessions that might be weighing you down. You only own what you bring with you, and you don’t have room to spend and consume and mindlessly buy. This, in turn, will make you start to understand whats actually important, what REALLY matters. Like your toothbrush, and not that 4th watch that you didn’t need.
  5. ITS FUN. And sometimes you need fun. Believe it or not, sometimes its okay to not work. You deserve that month off. You deserve a month to enjoy your one life. You deserve no stress and pure unadulterated fun. You’ve earned it.
  6. Speaking of life, YOLO. Yes, you only live once. For the love of god if you want to do it, JUST DO IT. You might not have tomorrow. Nothing is ever guaranteed. Don’t wait.
  7. You will learn, a lot. You will learn to not bargain for your taxi rides in Bangkok, but to always eat the street food. And how to work the train system, even if it is in Thai script. You will be cultured in ways that your peers won’t, and its not something they can obtain just by reading a book. You’ll have real life experiences to fall back on and learn from.
  8. Travel before you start your career. Its a lot harder to leave a career that you’ve spent years building up and pouring hard work into. When you’ve done you’re traveling and you feel you’re finally ready to start your career, you’ll actually BE more ready. You won’t have the thought of traveling weighing on your shoulder; you won’t have regrets. You’ll have already done something so amazing, and this will allow you to guiltlessly focus on your career, and really be 100% present and dedicated.
  9. You will learn to appreciate life and the simple things. When I came back from my trip I was driving up to Vermont with my friends, and I wouldn’t shut up about how beautiful the sunset looked with the snow and the mountains around it. My friend looked at me and said, “So do you just like, appreciate everything now?” Yes, Annie, I do. I look at things and I find beauty in them, and its an amazing way to live.
  10. After seeing all of the incredible things you’ve seen, all of the sunsets and beaches and mountains, you’ll think about all of the beautiful people you met; the person that helped you when you were lost trying to find your hostel, the person that you shared dinner with. You’ll think about that time you stayed up all night talking with people from all around the world, that moment when you rode a motorbike for the first time, and the time you navigated your way through the city without getting lost. You’ll think about the feeling you got when you finally hiked to the top of that mountain, or when you saw the stars that night, unpolluted by light or civilization; and guess what, you’ll be grateful. With every morsel of your being, you will be so grateful for the life you were gifted, and your mind will finally be at ease.You’ll be at peace with yourself and the world. You will be happy.

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    January 24, 2017 at 8:47 pm

    You’re such an inspiration, Danielle!!
    “We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong”

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