I’m moving to Australia?!

*Side note: I wrote this post about 2 weeks ago while I was in New Zealand and was of course, too lazy to blog.

Yesterday I was laying in bed on my phone when I noticed it was 11:11. I’ve been making a wish on 11:11 ever since I can remember, but yesterday was the first time that I couldn’t think of anything to wish for. It was actually one of the most amazing moments. Here I was in New Zealand by myself and I was completely and utterly content. I wanted to travel the world and it seemed impossible last year, but I actually did it; and now that I’ve gotten a taste I’m not going to stop. I feel completely at peace and fulfilled when I’m traveling- I have no idea why but it just makes me so happy. I love this life so much, this is what I was meant to do.

With that being said I’ve made the decision to move to Australia- yup, my visa has been approved and my flight back to Sydney is December 11th. I went from coming home for Thanksgiving to, “I’ll be back for Christmas!” to, “Dad don’t kill me but I’ll see you next year”. I think I’ve put him through so much anxiety/stress by now that nothing is a surprise anymore- sorry Dad!!!

I’m really scared but really excited to begin a new chapter of my life on this side of the world. I have a year working/tourist visa and I don’t know how long I plan to stay for. Like everything else I’ve done so far, I’m just going to wing it. When I get sick of Australia, I’ll leave. If I don’t, I’ll stay. I’m excited for the unknown, and I’ll admit I’m looking forward to having a bit of a routine again… AKA it’ll be nice to see the numbers in my bank account go up for a change!

I’m going to end this in the most cliche mushy way possible but I don’t care because it’s how I truly feel. I could cry I’m so happy. I feel so in control of my life and it is so frigin cool. If you asked me what my plan is, it’s to save up enough money so I can go back to South East Asia and see what I didn’t have time to see the first time around. Then who knows, maybe I’ll get a working visa in New Zealand… Or maybe I’ll move to Italy, or let’s be honest I might just move back to NY and get a job in the city. Either way I’m so grateful for the last few months of my life and so excited for what’s to come in Australia.

Wait! One more thing. I’ve had decent amount of people message me saying that I’ve inspired them to go backpacking or just even tell me how jealous they are because they wish they could be doing what I’m doing. This KILLS me because you CAN. If this is something you want to do, if you have always dreamed about doing this and you’re scared or you don’t want to go alone, JUST DO IT. It will be the best decision you’ve ever made.

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