Life update: I’m a plant eating Australian?

Holy shiz I’ve been on my visa for almost 3 months now. These few months have honestly flown by so I figured I’d post about my time here in Sydney and how it’s going so far. I’m currently working two jobs at the moment, one is for a Jetboating company right in Sydney harbor, and the other is a waitressing job at the Marriott on the harbor. Basically I’m spoiled with incredible views of the harbor all day long at work- it’s a rough life.

I’ve done a lot of “settling down” and “real people” things since I’ve gotten to Sydney. I’ve applied for a tax file number, I have an Australian phone number, and I have an Australian bank account! Its pretty official, I know- I’m practically an Aussie now!

In other news, I have been a vegan for almost 2 months now! Yes, I said vegan. No animal products whatsoever. No meat, no dairy, no eggs. It’s surprisingly easier than I thought and I’m feeling good, so hopefully this will be something that lasts for a while, if not permanently. This came about when I made a list of goals- short term and long term. I’m not really the type of person to do something like that but I was in one of my “what is life” hippy moods so I did. One long term goal that I wrote down was that I want to be constantly working on and improving myself- mentally, physically, and spiritually. If traveling long term has taught me anything, it’s that only you are in control of your life, and if you want to change something about yourself- you can.

The reactions vary from person to person when I tell them I’m vegan. The other night I was out with some friends and I almost got into an argument with a girl that proceeded to basically make fun of me for being vegan and rubbing it in my face that she loves chicken. K – you are mature. In a drunken rage I took to my phone and wrote a quick blurb for this blog to blow off some steam…
“Writing this drunk. It hurts when you’re trying to do something good for animals, the environment, and yourself, and people think they have a say in it. People get offended about what you put in your body- why? Why do you care what I put in my body? Food is fuel- it keeps you alive and that’s what its there for. You don’t live to eat, you eat to live. When people ask why I’m vegan, it either ends in an argument, or it ends with “I get it but I could never give up meat”. Well you can, I’m living proof. If you’re going to bash me for what I decide to eat- don’t bother asking why I’ve made this decision. I’m not saying that I’m going to keep this lifestyle forever, I’m not saying I’m going to keep it for this entire year. I believe in the reasons for being vegan. I understand it and I relate to it. The biggest thing I’ve learned from at least “trying out” this lifestyle is that no one is ever going to be happy with the way you are- that’s why you should always be yourself. When you’re yourself, you attract people that are like you and that understand and respect you. Surround yourself with people that want to be surrounded by you. People can sometimes be intimidated by something that’s foreign to them, it’s almost threatening. It shouldn’t be- it should be a chance to learn about something they might not know much about. — it’s when you start to question peoples’ everyday habits and challenge them, that you get to see their true personalities, and that’s what should determine whether or not they’re a true friend.”

::side note:: to the people that claim they are environmentalists- do some more research beyond the textbooks that are given to you in college/uni. Eating meat (cow) and dairy is the worst thing you can do for the environment, and for you to preach environmentalism and still consume meat and dairy is hypocritical. FINE if you consume it, but at least make it aware to people that by consuming meat and dairy you are 100% contributing to pollution, species extinction, global warming, etc. ”

Needless to say, taking 5 minutes to vent on my phone was more therapeutic and helpful than trying to argue with an idiot.

I know this blog was random but it’s been a while since I’ve posted and I needed to get something out, so hopefully you’ve enjoyed it!

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