The beginning…

Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay in my post, the first couple days of my trip have been exhausting and I havent have good enough WiFi to pull up an actual webpage.

So far our trip has been amazing. We were in transit for 30+ hours, and needless to say I’ve never needed sleep so bad in my life. Me and my friend Carolyn had an 11 hour layover in England so we were able to explore for a bit there which was fun! Then, it was an 11 hour flight to Johannesburg, South Africa, and another 2 hour flight to Livingstone, Zambia where Victoria Falls is located.

Once we arrived at our hostel, the Jollyboys Backpacker hostel, we got settled, ate some food, walked around the town which consisted of 1 main road, and then passed out cold by 7pm. The next morning I woke up at 9am, so yes, I slept a solid 12 hours and it was amazing.

That day we explored all of the different trails the Zambian side of the falls had to offer. We were even led off of the trails by a local Zambian man named Hendricks, or Jimi Hendricks ( his nickname LOL). He took us to the very edge of the falls (illegally of course) and we boldly bit the bullet and went for a swim in our clothes, which was actually the biggest relief from the sweltering heat.

Later that night we got to talking to a man in our hostel who ended up being the manager (I think he was Australian?) And he suggested we go to the royal Livingstone which is a gorgeous resort right next to the falls to watch the sunset and have a drink. We pretty much felt like royalty for 2 hours and then went back to reality once we got back to our hostel.

Since I finally have some decent internet, I will post separately about Devil’s Pool and Bungee jumping off of the famous Victoria Falls Bridge!

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